DataXu, Placed Connect In-Store Consumers And Targeted TV

DataXu and Placed, a provider of location-based attribution services, on Thursday said they have partnered on a solution enabling DataXu’s brand and agency customers to reach consumers in Placed audience segments -- based on store visits -- across digital and television properties.

Specifically, DataXu said the partnership will enable it to reach consumers on connected TV (CTV) devices.

Following the integration, the company ran several successful tests. In one for a big-box retailer, Placed passed along an audience segment of consumers who had visited that retailer and DataXu targeted that same segment with a marketing campaign delivered over CTV devices.

The campaign was transacted through DataXu’s Connected TV marketplace, its recently launched self-service TV-buying platform, which has access to more than 13 million U.S. addressable households totaling more than 25 million individuals.

DataXu said it is able to identify an average of five additional devices within each CTV household.

“Any brand that has a physical location has a vested interest in reaching in-store visitors, whether they’re first time shoppers or die-hard brand advocates,"  Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions, DataXu, told Digital News Daily via email. “Reaching an individual in-store shopper over connected TV is a highly targeted and personalized avenue to deliver messages.”

Placed said it measures location data from more than 150 million devices a month, which translates into 4.6 billion daily location signals.

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