Teleflora Boosts Email Revenue Via Personalization

Teleflora boosted email revenue by 20% year-over-year after partnering with Cordial to revamp its email marketing program.

Teleflora is a floral service that fulfills online delivery orders via local florists. Petals Network, Teleflora’s international subsidiary, coordinates with 1,600 local floral shops to create the hand-arranged bouquets.

Previously, Petals Network could only service the marketing needs of the top 10% of sellers in its network, due to a legacy email platform and a lack of unified data. That’s when the company turned to Cordial, an adaptive messaging platform, to streamline its digital communications.

Cordial, an adaptive communications platform powered by machine-learning algorithms, helped revamp the Teleflora email marketing program by consolidating all of The Petals Network data into one database, and removing all manual labor from the email development process.



Within a month Teleflora was able to service 100% of its partner sites, creating new revenue opportunities for the company that was once restricted to a tenth of that scale. The time it took to create a campaign was also significantly decreased.

Cordial tracks every single digital interaction a customer has with a brand in real time. That real-time data, alongside traditional data points like purchase history and customer profile attributes, all feeds into Cordial’s machine-learning algorithm. 

“We use all of that data to drive the personalization of messages we help marketers send,” explains Jeremy Swift, founder and CEO at Cordial.

Cordial ingests its brand customers’ data natively into its platform, as opposed as through an integration with an analytics provider, allowing the company to bypass traditional latency issues when two different machines need to coordinate.  Cordial then injects content uniquely into every message a marketer sends.

The company applies machine-learning algorithms around triggers to optimize what content is displayed in the email message, such as discounts, click to actions, and subject lines.

“We’ve build logic into the template layer so you can tell and instruct the template to go out and grab content based on the most recent behaviors observed,” says Swift.  

Cordial’s platform has scripting capabilities, but also provides plug-and-play widgets marketers can use without the need to code.

 “Today we know that one size does not fit all,” says Swift.

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