73% Of Broadband Consumers Want To Tightly Control Their Personal Data

While the Internet of Things will produce mountains of data, many consumers are concerned that someone will access some of the data relating to them.

Part of the issue around data also comes down to who consumers will trust with it.

A large majority (73%) of U.S. broadband consumers express a desire to keep tight control over access to their personal data, with nearly half being very concerned that someone will access the data without their permission, according to a new report by Parks Associates.

In terms of trust, only 5% of broadband consumers ranked pay-TV providers as trustworthy. Here’s how they rank as the most trustworthy companies:

  • 62% -- Home insurance provider
  • 59% -- Security monitoring service provider
  • 58% -- Electricity provider
  • 5% -- Pay-TV provider

Internet service providers, mobile phone operators and device manufacturers also come in as more trusted than pay television providers.

Despite the lack of trust, many consumers agree to share some of their personal data.

Almost a quarter (24%) of consumers say they receive a lot in return for sharing access to their data, though the majority does not feel that way.

The increasing number of smart products also is of some concern, as unwanted access to those devices becomes more of a risk.

As the Internet of Things evolves and grows, more consumers are coming into closer contact with it. Along with that comes the realization of the actual amount of personal data that is increasingly stored and shared within connected things.

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