Google Launches Insights Engine Project, Shares More Data With Publishers

For the first time, Google will release six products that support data visualization, integration and insights to give publishers the types of user demographic and information on content it has been sharing with advertisers who buy targeted ads.

The Google Insights Engine Project is an ongoing effort to share more data with publishers and bring machine learning into Google's DoubleClick products for publishers.

Revealed at a publisher leadership summit on Tuesday, publishers now will have the ability to see and create audience segments based on demographics and interests. Publishers then can use audience insights to support programmatic campaigns through DoubleClick Bid Manager.  

Google also promises to release the generally availability of exchange bidding in early 2018. 

The goal to integrate its DoubleClick ad products with other Google technology such as machine learning, data warehouse and visualization tool that will bring programmatic advertising and mobile devices to the forefront.

In the coming months, Google will release a set of insight cards in DoubleClick to give marketers information about how sites perform relative to competitors on key success metrics such as ad viewability, site latency, and more, according to Jonathan Bellack, director of product management for publisher platforms at Google.

Overall, the project uses machine learning to show how ad insights and benchmarks relate to competitor publications and to forecast performance, provide insights on automatic growth detection, seasonal adjustments, and easy viewing of historical data side by side with future predictions. The goal is to provide as much data to publishers as Google does for search and display advertisers. 

Two of the new tools include BigQuery -- a managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics that will have the ability to take on DoubleClick data -- and Data Studio, which turns data into a customizable dashboards and reports easily read and shared.


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