Bing Ads Adds Oracle DMP Integration To Custom Audiences

Bing Ads announced Wednesday the integration of Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) with Bing Ads Custom Audiences, which the company introduced earlier this year.

The integration of Oracle data and their own customer data into Bing Ads lets advertisers improve campaign performance. It helps them gain a deeper understanding of their audience.

Custom Audiences works like a remarketing platform by allowing advertisers to target specific consumer segments based on their own customer data. It lets marketers target audiences that have been built using the brand's customer data such as purchase history or subscription renewals, by importing these audiences into Bing Ads.

When a company's data platform manager (DMP) connects into Bing's new Custom Audiences feature, marketers can import their custom audiences segments into Bing Ads.

Adobe was the first to trial Custom Audiences. During the pilot marketers had to use Adobe Audience Manager as your DMP. It also enabled brands to use their first-party data to target audiences using any CRM data, such as purchase history or subscription renewals.




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