MPP Global And Dynamic Yield Team Up On Cross-Channel Service

MPP Global and Dynamic Yield have formed a partnership to help clients provide automated personal experiences across channels, including email, the web and mobile apps. The link-up joins MPP Global’s eSuite subscription platform and Dynamic Yield’s machine learning-driven personalization engine.

The goal is to help firms “tailor the offering to the individual at the right time and in the right digital channel,” and improve lifetime value, says Melissa Pegus, SVP of strategic partnerships for MPP Global.

That entails the ability to target “not only on customer segments but on digital channels as well,” Pegus adds.

Founded 17 years ago, MPP Global works with media clients such as Daily Mail Group and McClatchy that use eSuite to manually deploy and test rule-based offerings based on audience behavior. It also serves retailers, entertainment brands and firms in other verticals.

ESuite provides repeat order management, including customer acquisition, payment scheduling and retention.

Dynamic Yield helps clients like Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Stitchfix and Hallmark Channel offer individualized experiences across platforms. Late last year, it introduced Dynamic Yield for Email, a suite of email personalization tools built into its core personalization stack.

The two firms began discussions in mid-2017, soon signed a deal and began working together by the end of last year, according to Pegus. As they see it, Dynamic Yield’s artificial intelligence capabilities can automate the custom rule-based offerings within eSuite, to make sure the customer gets the most appropriate subscription package, the firm says.

It is important to focus on the appropriate digital channel, Pegus says. “Someone could be viewing mobile web, through an app or through email and retargeted through advertising.” How a brand captures the buying moment varies by channel, she adds.

“Retailers pushing products on a desktop site maybe will have related product reviews. On mobile, maybe they’ll promote video overviews.”

Pegus continues, “email falls into that package. Email and targeting are some of a retailers’ best weapons in the arsenal for engaging and driving repeat visits and sales.”

“In a world where today's customers demand smarter engagement from brands, it's critical to evolve the omni-channel customer acquisition strategy,” adds Paul Johnson, CEO of MPP Global. “With the success of companies adopting the subscription business model, organizations are redefining the online transaction experience." 

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