Why Merkle Ranked Avocados From Mexico No. 1 Super Bowl Ad

Avocados From Mexico returned this year to take the No. 1 spot in Merkle's Digital Bowl analyzing Super Bowl advertisements -- taking the top score across paid search, organic search, and social media in the ranking.  

In organic search, Avocados From Mexico created a searchable, secure and mobile Super Bowl-focused landing page. In paid search, the company showed a strong non-brand presence and tied copy, landing pages, and ad extensions directly to its Super Bowl ad. Although it did not receive the top score in digital media, it still placed in the top ten with proper site tagging and strong paid -social creative.

Avocados From Mexico also showed a strong Twitter presence, using pre-made content related to other ads -- and on Facebook it went live with a chef making guacamole and posted an extended version of its television ad to the platform.

Earning high marks in Merkle's ranking for search engine optimization required a landing page, discoverable on desktop and mobile, title tags, descriptions, URLs or hashtags in TV ads and more. High ranking in paid search required ads featured on the first page of search results, ad copy related to the Super Bowl, and landing page content that reinforces the Super Bowl and directs viewers with a clear call to action

High rankings in social required the ability to interact with a real-time audience, complete with calls to actions as well as personal and authentic responses -- as well as Super Bowl-specific hashtags used in commercial spots and in real-time engagement and content designed around the TV ads and games that supported the brand in real-time.

Based on this criteria, Groupon took the No. 2 spot. A campaign-specific landing page captured relevant brand and campaign queries through the organic channel, while paid ads were featured on the first page of search results across device types, according to Merkle.

In social, Groupon also did well overall. The company extended its reach through influencers. Spokesperson Tiffany Haddish supported her commercial by posting on Instagram live from inside the stadium during the game. But the brand was less of a performer in digital media, where it missed opportunities to extend its ads to premium properties. With high scores in three of the four focus areas and a respectable digital media showing, Groupon should feel a little better about its second-place finish than the Patriots.

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