PostUp Top ESP For Prolific Senders, Says Notablist

Email and audience development solution PostUp is the most popular Email Service Provider (ESP) by campaign frequency, according to a Notablist analysis. 

Notablist, a competitive intelligence service for email marketers, analyzed its database of more than 30 million email campaigns sent by 500,000 brands to investigate the most popular types of marketing technology platforms used over the past year. Notablist’s technology can detect 350 different marketing platforms utilized by brands to send email messages, and the company tags every email in its database by technology vendor.

PostUp is the favored ESP of prolific email senders according to the study, with the email solution sending an average of 19 unique mailings per client every month. Maropost, a marketing cloud provider based in Canada, came in second place with an average of 14 unique email campaigns per client. SailThru and CheetahMail averaged 13 unique mailings, while Oracle’s Responsys and YesMail average a dozen email campaigns per client.



Considering the plethora of email newsletters sent by publishers, the media industry is easily one of the most frequent senders of email according to Notablist. The results of Notablist’s analysis validates PostUp’s business strategy, as the Austin-based email solution powers a suite of email marketing tools for media brands.

“The PostUp platform is specifically designed to support the unique needs of publishers' large scale newsletter programs, with a focus on efficiency and automation,” states Keith Sibson, vice president of product and marketing for PostUp.

In addition to email marketing technology tools like automation, segmentation, and analytics, PostUp also offers consulting services for media brands seeking additional revenue opportunities through email, such as campaign management, technology integration services, delivery guidance, and email creative design. 

PostUp has delivered over 200 billion emails for media brands, such as The Hill and Fast Company. Both media brands have sophisticated newsletter initiatives, leveraging email as another opportunity to connect with and inform readers. Fast Company delivers more than a dozen newsletters on varying topics and sending frequencies, ranging from daily emails to weekly digests. The Hill offers three different email newsletters that mirror the publication’s focus on politics, including the popular daily news roundup The Hill’s Tipsheet.

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