Jaguar, EasyJet Launch 360-Degree VR Ad Campaigns

New virtual reality ad campaigns have been launched by Jaguar and EasyJet.

Both brands are reacting 360-degree virtual reality, according to OmniVirt, the VR platform being used by both.

MaramuraVR, Jaguar and EasyJet’s production agency, created the VR experience by uploading 360-degree footage onto the self-service platform, which was then launched across a network of publishers.

A recent study by OmniVirt, which analyzed 700 million ads served, found that 360-degree virtual reality ads perform significantly better than traditional ads. That study found that VR photos performed 300% better than regular two-dimensional photos in click-through rates and VR videos caused a 46% lift in video completion rate.

In the Jaguar 360-degree ad, the entire inside of the car can be seen in detail by touch screen or mouse control.



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