Reddit Launches Mobile Native Ad Unit

Reddit will launch a new ad unit for its mobile apps running on Android and iOS. The ad unit, known as native promoted posts, will enable the same targeting as the desktop ads -- by interest, community, geography and device.

Advertisers might not think of Reddit as a search engine to find information, but a spokesperson told Search Marketing Daily there are more than 46.7 million searches conducted across the platform each day as readers search for information on a variety of subjects. 

Users contribute about 10.7 million posts per month, with about 2.8 million comment and 58 million votes daily. Stephen Hawking, the brilliant theoretical physicist who passed away in Cambridge early Wednesday, also experimented with the platform.



Now advertisers will have the option to turn on and off a commenting capability for their mobile ads, similar to desktop, a company spokesperson said Wednesday.

The new ad unit will give advertisers access to those who post on about 330 million monthly active accounts. Approximately 44% are on one of the mobile apps or on the mobile web, with an average of 14 billion screen views per month.

Ads running on iOS devices become active today, and Android will follow in the coming weeks.

Reddit launched its official app on Apple iOS and Google Android less than two years ago, and since that time has seen user growth. In fact, 41% of time spent browsing across the Reddit platforms is within its mobile apps. About 80% of Reddit app users are not on desktop.

Beyond the time spent in the apps, engagement on mobile is significantly higher than with other platforms. Logged-in app users spend 30% more time per day than logged-in desktop users, according to the company. 

About 79% of those who use the platform are between the ages of 18 and 34. When it comes to mobile, 58% of those who only use the platform on the mobile web and one of the apps are between the ages of 18 and 34.

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