Key Insights To Help You Engage With Gen Z This Summer

April showers ended and May flowers arrived right on time with a lovely vignette effect on our social feeds. Members of Generation Z continue to prepare for summer, eager to begin their vacations and capture every moment for social. To Gen Z, summer is an opportunity to make up for missed time and celebrate life as they pursue passions and travel.

Whether it’s for a music festival or the next #solocation, teens are ready to prepare for their adventures with their favorite brands by their side. According to our “We are Gen Z” report, 57% of Gen Zers agreed that brands help them express their personalities. Meet James, for instance, who just completed his junior year of high school. He’s thrilled to spend time with family and friends this summer in Atlanta, while sporting his favorite brand. “I’m never leaving the house without my Adidas backpack and sneakers. Their styles define who I really am,” James said.

Whether they realize it or not, Gen Z will spend a good amount of time this summer scrolling and consuming content. The key to successfully reaching this audience begins with understanding what makes them truly tick. Here are insights to help you generate the right engagements and drive purchase with this cross-cultural generation.



1. Searching for Meaning

At the end of the day, members of Generation Z understand that happiness doesn’t always derive from a wealthy lifestyle. Rather, they experience a true connection with the world when they follow their passions, constantly striving for careers that truly bring them joy. It’s also important to note that the majority of Gen Z almost always reacts to content that inspires them. They want to do their part and help their communities. When asked if they believe they can make a difference in the world, 58% of African American females and 50% of African American males responded with “yes.”

2. More Than Just a Brand

Gen Zers take their brands seriously. Similar to James with his Adidas products, the rest of Gen Z views brands as an essential form of self-expression. In our study, 57% of Asians and 51% of Hispanics explained that they relate to brands that make them feel cool. This ties in with social media because Gen Z members also agree that posting allows them to display their individualism. And everyone knows that the prime Insta pic begins with an outfit that looks fire, so to speak.

3. Family is Everything

In our research we discovered that 59% of Gen Zers recognize family as the most important aspect of their life. Even James explained how he’s excited to spend time with his sister and cousin who both reside in Midtown. “I admire my older sister and cousin. We always have a blast together as they show me around their neighborhoods. When I’m older, I want to live my life like they do,” James said.

When it comes to Gen Z social media users, would you describe them as social activists or screen addicts? Let’s continue the convo in the comments.

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