Tru Optik Rolls Out Cross-Device OTT Measurement Solution

OTT and CTV audience intelligence and data management platform Tru Optik is launching a new measurement solution for OTT and CTV campaigns.

The company says its new solution, called “Cross-Screen Audience Validation” (CAV), delivers “de-duplicated household-level reach and frequency, device authentication, and advanced audience validation for OTT and CTV campaigns.”

Specifically, CAV will seek to answer key questions about OTT and CTV viewership such as household reach, how many times ads were viewed, on what screens and networks ads were seen, and the percentage of impressions that were in target.

Tru Optik says that CAV is built on the company’s household graph, which includes 75 million homes.

While video viewership on OTT platforms and CTV devices is exploding, measurement of these new platforms has been slow to follow. Nielsen and ComScore are both investing heavily in developing more efficient means to track viewership, but that gap has allowed companies such as Tru Optik to step in as well.

While most measurement solutions focus on consumer groups like age and gender, marketers increasingly want more targeted groups, such as regular moviegoers or potential SUV buyers. Tru Optik is betting that CAV can help measure those groups.



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