L'OCCITANE Uses Qubit Aura To Drive Conversions

Beauty products marketer L’OCCITANE en Provence has achieved a 159% increase in its mobile conversion rate, using Qubit Aura, an AI-powered mobile service that displays personalized product recommendations. 

The goal of the collaboration is to harness “the brand's behavioral and intent data to scale personalization efforts," states Graham Cooke, CEO and co-founder of Qubit. 

In the UK, the company has realized a 2.86% increase in revenue per visit (RPV), and a 3.55% hike in revenue per customer. 

In the U.S., L’OCCITANE has generated a 2.65% hike in RPC with strategies to save the customer before site abandonment.

“Our customers now expect the same personalized services they receive in-store online," states Loanne Le Gac, e-business product coordinator at L’OCCITANE en Provence.

He adds: "Our ecommerce team is committed to ensuring that that’s the case, and on a worldwide scale. Qubit allows us to deliver a personalization program on multiple domains to ensure a consistent level of quality and service across channel.”  

Qubit's other product,  Qubit Pro., allows retailers to integrate data from Qubit to send a personalized email to a customer following a site abandonment. It can be timed for the desired period after the abandonment.



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