Evergage Debuts Personalized Survey Tool

Evergage has launched a service that it says enables firms to send targeted surveys. 

The new tool, SmartSurveys, includes a Voice of the Customer (VoC) survey tool that allows brands to ask contextually relevant questions tailored to each customer, and use the response data to improve individual experiences, the firm says.

For example, the brand could push out or trigger an email survey targeted to an individual based on the person’s behavior on a website. It could also change the person’s web, app or email experiences based on the response, Evergage adds.

In another instance, a financial services firm might determine that a person is interested in an automobile loan, based on behavior across the firm’s channels. In a future website visit, the person can be asked the question: “Are you still interested in auto loans?” The website can then be tailored based on the response.

The product is designed to help firms ”engage customers with targeted surveys that make sense -- using the information gleaned to immediately present helpful, relevant experiences that improve relationships,” states Evergage CEO Karl Wirth.



Wirth adds that it can be annoying "when you open a site or app, and a survey immediately pops up, before the company has actually earned the right to survey you. Oftentimes, the questions are generic, and irrelevant to your session activity and overall interests, and the data collected goes into a black hole.”

Publishers Clearing House is using SmartSurveys to “strategically engage our users with targeted, entertaining surveys, while continually enriching our member profiles with explicit data on their interests and affinities,” states Sal Tripi, AVP of digital operations and compliance for Publishers ClearingHouse and its online propertyPCH.com.

According to Evergage, SmartSurveys allows users to:

  • Target surveys by sending questions to audience segments and individuals based on their behaviors  firmagraphic details and geography. 
  • Employ a variety of question types and response formats, including radio buttons, checkboxes, Boolean, drop-down lists, text fields, ratings and images.
  • Act on response data immediately -- Rule-based or algorithmic personalization can trigger a follow-up email or message to a website or mobile app.
  • Deliver surveys across channels -- These can be sent via email campaigns, websites, web and mobile apps, and email campaigns.
  • Utilize real-time reporting for active surveys 
  • Ask timely questions during several visitor interactions instead of presenting a long survey on the first visit 
  • Brand surveys. 
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