Facebook 'Return' On Ad Spending Continues To Founder

In light of Facebook's announcement this week that it is adding first-party cookie data to help advertisers track the return on their ad spending, media attribution firm C3 Metrics has updated its ongoing analysis of the return on ad spending on Facebook.
The data updates a previous benchmark published by Research Intelligencer last month, which showed that Facebook's ad spending has rebounded since the fallout surrounding Cambridge Analytica, and Congressional testimony about the use of its users' data, but the average return generated per ad dollar spent has crashed to recent lows.
The new data reveals continued declines through September, suggesting that Facebook has a strong need to provide increased value and insight to the ad community.

According to C3 Metrics, attributed revenue dollars converted from advertising dollars spent on Facebook advertising decreased from an index value of 2.0 in April to just 0.27 in September.


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