Conviva Releases Real-Time Streaming Video Analytics Product

The streaming TV measurement and intelligence platform Conviva is bringing its real-time video analytics solution to market.

Conviva Ad Insights is designed to deliver detailed real-time information into viewing experiences and advertising delivery.

Conviva has been testing the product with a handful of publishers, including CBS Interactive. Now, with the Consumer Electronics Show in high gear, the company says it is ready for a wide release.

The information provided by Conviva’s solution is geared to the product side of streaming TV, rather than the content side. While other companies track the viewing of specific shows or ads, Ad Insights focuses on the technological underpinnings of the streaming service it tracks.

Specifically, "publishers can continuously monitor every second of every ad and receive real-time reporting on failures, bitrates, buffering, user abandonment, and more for client and server-side ad delivery,” Conviva CEO Bill Demas tells Digital News Daily.



With that data in hand, publishers can decide where and how to tweak and invest in their product.

“This granular data enables publishers to solve ad creative delivery and workflow problems, improve content monetization and maximize engagement,” Demas adds. “Publishers are able to optimize each ad break’s placement, position, duration and frequency to grow ad revenue.”

Unlike traditional linear TV, streaming benefits from iteration and tweaking.

New data sources allow for that iteration to happen faster, with more specificity. So, for example, with ad placement, publishers can try to determine the place within content where an ad will be most effective.

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