What Oliver Brings To You & Mr Jones' Majority Stake In-House Marketing

You & Mr Jones, the global Brandtech group, on Thursday announced the acquisition of Oliver and Inside Ideas Group, known for developing content and the ability for brands to build in-house digital capabilities.

A majority stake in both Inside Ideas Group and Oliver means that You & Mr Jones will acquire both company’s technology, people and processes.

Oliver will keep its brand name and CEO Simon Martin -- who will retain a major percentage of the company -- will join You & Mr Jones to lead the next phase of the growth for the portfolio of tech companies. He becomes a major partner to help shape the future of the group.

The leadership teams of both companies will be unchanged.

There are changes afoot. While You & Mr Jones has a strong presence in the U.S. and Europe, the acquisition strengthens the group of companies' presence in APAC and LATAM.

David Jones, founder and CEO, You & Mr Jones, told Search Marketing Daily in an email that the acquisition “allows You & Mr Jones to connect our ecosystem of tech companies and our marketing technology platform right into the heart of client organizations and deliver for them enterprise-level marketing solutions at an unprecedented scale and transform profoundly how a brand does its marketing."

Oliver’s strength in content and in-house support brings brands such as Adidas, Samsung, and Unilever multiple capabilities.

While the people, processes and technology are Oliver's strength, the move provides greater expertise in several areas and helps to avoid some of the pitfalls that occur when marketers do things for themselves in areas that are not their specialty.

The acquisition also now gives Oliver’s clients support for search advertising and marketing through a You & Mr Jones group company -- 55, a global Google partner.

Analysts at the research firm Gartner believe the biggest bottleneck in 2020 will be content. Brands struggle to create the volume of content that is required at the speeds needed within their budgets. Oliver aims to solve this problem.

You & Mr Jones notes that the group of companies has completed 39 deals since launch, including making significant investments in technology platforms such as Pinterest and Niantic, as well as blockchain-enabled payments transparency company Amino, and AI conversational marketing company Automat.

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