Hulu Launching Attribution Solution To Enhance Metrics, Data

Hulu is launching a new attribution solution, meant to help marketers and advertisers measure business outcomes and ROI, based on their media buys on the streaming service.

The in-house attribution product will track consumers from when they view an ad through purchasing, sign up and other factors. The solution is being beta-tested by a handful of partners, with a full rollout planned in the next few months.

Hulu stated “current attribution solutions for OTT are failing to meet advertiser demand, unable to show the complete impact of OTT advertising on conversion.”

The company says its solution will fix those problems by matching first-party CRM data from advertisers to Hulu’s own campaign data.

The result will be “an environment where attribution will become customized, self-serve and real-time for our brands and advertisers,” stated Hulu’s vice president-head of research Julie DeTraglia.

Hulu has been aggressive in the measurement space, not only launching its own products, but participating in Comscore’s Campaign Ratings beta and in Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings.

As the biggest subscription video service to offer advertising, Hulu is wagering that by being aggressive in digital video measurement, it can secure more ad dollars. Such a move may give it a head start over potential competitors, like WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service or Disney+. Both launch later this year.

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