Jackson Hole Brings Mountain To Target Audience Via VR/AR

The Challenge 

Every summer, about 3.2 million people visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Come winter, that drops to 200,000. With tourism revenue being the lifeblood of the local economy, the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board needed to elevate Jackson Hole as a top destination for winter travel and to motivate travel. Research showed that more than 50% of vacationers say they would be more willing to visit a destination if they could experience it beforehand. 

The Execution

Its agency created a brand experience that was designed to pull people in and give them a taste of what the last real mountain town has to offer. It created “VR-noculars” — classic viewfinders retrofitted with 360-video playback — and placed them at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport during one of the busiest travel periods the market would see: Super Bowl 52. 

It intentionally positioned the experience at the intersection of one of the busiest gates and the main corridor that leads to baggage claim so that a highly affluent audience of Super Bowl attendees — including not only fans, but big brands, executives and media — could not miss it. 

The Results 

  • Total impressions for the VR-noculars experience hit 2 million. 
  • 4,000 unique people engaged with the VR-noculars and watched a total of 14,000 videos. 
  • Essentially everyone who stepped up to the experience watched all four videos housed within the VR-noculars.

Key Takeaways

If the mountain won’t come to your target audience, bring your audience to the mountain.

Choose a location that will make your target nearly a captive audience.

Create an experience that will impress viewers by using technology to match reality.

This won the VR/AR category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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