Dexcom Goes Native For Diabetes Tool Message

The Challenge

Diabetes is personal, but decisions about managing it are made in consultation with family, friends and physicians. Consequently, meaningful brand connections must be detailed, valid and authentic. Achieving this critical balance with Native requires alignment from message and messenger. 

Marcus Thomas, working for Dexcom and the launch of its new G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), understood this delicate balance and partnered with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio to follow three personal diabetes journeys. 

The Execution

The effort focused on people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and readers of NYT’s Technology and Health sections and its Facebook newsfeed. 

With 18-year-old athlete and type 1 Jordan Miller, T Brand Studio highlighted the G6 CGM, Dexcom’s app and how it enables T1s to live normal lives without constant finger-pricking. A three-minute film offered a personal look at Miller and how she has more time to pursue her passions, shattering the myth that all people with diabetes are old, overweight or unhealthy. 

This video was embedded in a custom article featuring Grammy-nominated country star Eric Paslay, who recently clocked a dozen shows in as many days — successfully managing his diabetes with his G6. 

Finally, the piece closed with a mother and daughter — the Cheneys — who through their arduous adoption process found they shared the same disease and now both use the G6. 

With only 1.25 million type 1 diabetics in the U.S., third-party and first-party data were used to reach the niche audience, and conversions were tracked using CRM data.

To increase lead quality and volume, pixels were placed strategically on the site and lead form to gather audience insights, plus build dynamic look-alike models using the best-performing data segments.

Leveraging various digital touchpoints, the message was tailored for each audience and channel. Using a data management platform, the audience was re-engaged from the higher-funnel campaigns with more direct messaging to complete the lead form.

The Results

  • Over 107 million impressions 
  • A 19% increase in site visitors 
  • A 17% improvement in cost-per-lead. 
  • Year over year, the campaign drove 24% more leads.
  • Nearly 63,000 page views of the custom content article, with more than half viewing 75% of the video. 
  • Surveyed NYT’s viewers of the content proved to be significantly more favorable toward the brand 
  • 3 of 4 of those surveyed agreed the content fit NYT and Dexcom; they were significantly more likely to view Dexcom G6 as the best type 1 diabetes management tool available, and more likely to recommend it.

Key Takeaways

Make sure your partnership is an authentic alignment and meaningful.

Find healthy people to demonstrate your product to counteract common assumptions about disease.

Lead with musicians whenever you can, then follow through with other examples.

This won the Performance Media & Marketing category and was a finalist in the Native Marketing category in MediaPost’s 2018 Creative Media Awards.

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