Zenith: Programmatic Accelerates Global Internet Spending

The big news in Zenith’s updated global ad outlook is that digital media is expanding far more than previously thought, and a big part of that is due to ease and efficiency of programmatic media-buying.

That’s good news for several reasons. One is, it indicates that much of the purported problems with programmatic -- fraud, transparency, etc. -- are not slowing down its deployment. And two, that programmatic media-buying removes friction that accelerates ad spending.

The last point, especially, is good sign for other media -- especially TV and out-of-home -- as they increasingly migrate toward programmatic media-buying and audience-targeting capabilities.

Noting that internet display, search and classified advertising are rapidly expanding through 2021, Zenith Head of Forecasting and Director of Global Intelligence Jonathan Barnard said all three “have benefited from the transition to programmatic buying, which allows agencies to target audiences more efficiently and more effectively, with personalized creative.”



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