Connected TV Rises, Broadcast Produces Best Overall Ad Metrics

Connected TV campaigns continue to rise in impressions and usage, thanks to broadcast content.

Innovid, the video advertising platform for marketers and agencies, says 60% of all households will have connected TV in two years, up from 55% now.

Connected TV impressions in 2018 made up 28% of all campaigns monitored by Innovid (rising fro 17% in 2017). When it comes to other digital video, mobile still has the most at 47%, while desktop is at 25%.

In 2018, overall digital video impressions served by demand-side platforms/ad networks were at 37% (down from 39%), with broadcast/pay TV providers at 35% (up from 28%); and non-broadcast/portals at 28% (down from 33%).

Broadcast content continues to produce the best overall advertising metrics. For example, for pre-roll advertising, commercials had a 94.3% completion rate (versus 69% for other content) and a 17% awareness rate (7% of other content).

When it comes to “engagement,” numbers are lower -- a 0.2% rate for both broadcast and other content. Broadcast results are a bit better for click-through interactive messaging -- 1.5%. All other content is at a 1% number.

Mobile does well when it come to short-form ad messaging -- anywhere from six- to 10 seconds long --  where it rose to 11% of impressions in 2018 from 5% in 2017. Social media and programmatic buying are the main drivers.

Innovid says the number of campaigns using data-driven video ads were at 79% in 2018 -- a 32% hike over the previous year.

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