Synamedia Rolls Out Automated Streaming Video Processing Technology

The video software firm Synamedia is launching an automated video processing and delivery solution, geared toward companies  planning to stream live sports or other complex video content.

The solution will be powered by machine-learning tech and integrated into its existing Virtual Digital Content Manager (DCM) with Smart Rate Control.

With live streaming video — and particularly sports — lots of bandwidth is needed. The system identifies when higher bandwidth is required, but will automatically scale down when the action is over, such as for a static interview. 

By automatically scaling up and down as needed, streaming video providers can save on bandwidth costs, while still delivering video quality expected by consumers.

The company will formally roll out the solution at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week.

As more consumers watch live content through OTT video sources and media companies take their programming to streaming video, the need to develop adaptive technology to power that video becomes critical. 

Disney acquired Bamtech specifically to help it launch its ESPN+ streaming sports service and its upcoming Disney+ service.

Traditional broadcast and cable TV delivery is extremely efficient, with high upfront costs but relatively low delivery costs. OTT is almost the opposite, with lower upfront costs but higher delivery costs.

Companies are increasingly looking to firms such as Synamedia and others to help them lower those costs as much as possible, while maintaining a competitive quality product.

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