ManyChat Combines Chat With Email And SMS

Chat marketing platform ManyChat has added email and SMS to its services for SMBs.

The added channels will work within ManyChat's Flow Builder, a tool that provides users with a visual representation of messages and actions within the customer interaction, the company says.

The objective is to help agencies and SMBs “connect with customers from the start of the relationship, through the transaction and beyond, without ever leaving the chat interface,” states Mikael Yang, CEO and co-founder of ManyChat.

In addition, ManyChat is offering a new integration with Shopify, the e-commerce platform. Brands can create automated conversations based on cart abandonments an other shopper behavior, the firm says.

ManyChat has also debuted a mobile app for its live chat function.

Yang says chat marketing is “changing the way businesses work and how they acquire, retain, and service their customers."




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