eDataSource Rolls Out Email Journey Mapping Tool

eDataSource, Inc. has introduced a tool for helping companies analyze response through the email journey and compare it to that of other brands.  

That product, Journey Mapping, allows users of the firm’s Competitive Tracker solution to assess sequenced email performance by region, journey type, engagement activity and other factors.

Journey Mapping breaks the customer journey into five stages and campaign types -- welcome, birthday, purchase, abandoned cart and shipping.

Brands can view other messages received by the customer and determine whether they were opened and how their own campaign stacks up against those of competitors.

This analysis is also based on the performance of billions of campaigns from a panel of 1.2 million consumers.

Refined after beta testing, the product is now available to Competitive Tracker platform customers.

The tool uses AI and machine learning to “analyze the user experience, connecting marketers with campaigns so they can see how sequencing, content, campaign type, user type, etc., influence customer decision-making, either for their own brand or other brands in their industry,” states G.B. Heidarsson, CEO of eDataSource.



Heidarsson adds that "AI-powered email marketing is a wonderful tool, but automation can make it more difficult for marketers to understand the customer's email journey."

Founded in 2003, eDataSource provides a behavior-based inbox monitoring product.


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