Movable Ink Moves Into Mobile And Sets Up A Martech Marketplace

Movable Ink, a provider of visual content experiences via email and other channels, is moving into mobile, partnering with mobile platform providers Airship, Braze and Localytics. The service is planned for general release in early 2020.

In a separate development, the company has created a marketplace for martech partner for solutions and integrations: the Movable Ink Exchange.

The announcements were made on Tuesday at the company’s ThinkSummit 2019 conference in New York.

As part its mobile offering, Movable Ink will add mobile app messages to its core offerings for email, web, and display. The company is working with its partners to develop native integrations and streamlined workflows, it says. 

The goal is to “open up mobile’s full potential both as a channel and robust data source to fuel even more targeted campaigns,” states Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma.



As part of this effort, the company has also integrated with Branch to link dynamic content and attribution tracking.

Now in preview, Movable Ink’s mobile solution is being used by early adopters such as the Minnesota Timberwolves.

“In web and email, we have a smooth customer journey from signing up for the pre-sale all the way to ticket purchase, but there was no way to do this within the mobile app because we couldn’t send a notification to people who had previously taken a specific action,” says Jena Magee, email marketing manager at the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Magee adds that, with “Movable Ink & Localytics, we were able to create an in-app pre-sale experience that allowed users to sign up for the pre-sale, and receive a push notification once tickets went on sale.”

Airship offers a customer engagement platform that delivers messages across channels. Braze delivers customer experiences across email, mobile, SMS, and web. Localytics is a digital intelligence platform for mobile and web engagement.

Meanwhile, the Movable Ink Exchange features solutions from dozens of partners, including CrowdTwist, Pega, Phrasee, and SmarterHQ. It is now available through the Movable Ink platform.

Clients can use the exchange to find partners and solutions, These include customer data management, e-commerce, loyalty, next-best-action, offer management, ratings and reviews, recommendations and user-generated content. 

Sharma states that the exchange is “a gateway to higher ROI for brands’ martech investments by delivering more sophisticated, customer-centric campaigns that deliver results and provide the experiences that customers expect.”

Headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and London, Movable Ink now has 300 employees. 

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