ActiveCampaign Launches A New Email Content Tool

ActiveCampaign has debuted a machine-learning tool that it says allows brands to select the most engaging email message for each customer.

The new product, Predictive Content, use a dataset of almost words across 300 dimensions or ways to look at the words, the company says.

Users can launch Predictive Content from within Email Designer. The service builds a preference profile of each individual receiving the email and matches one email version for that person.

The goal is to allow firms to “generate communications that are curated specifically for an individual and continue to learn over time, going beyond a typical split-test to add an element of personalization that ultimately brings the business and the customer closer together," says Jason VandeBoom, founder & CEO of ActiveCampaign.

Earlier this year, ActiveCampaign launched Predictive Sending, a feature that is now helping to fuel over 1 million predictions per day.

At least one client says such a solution is needed. "I'm constantly thinking about how I can build my brand and give my customers more of what they want," states Deanna Griffin, founder of Proze.

Griffin adds, "Existing marketing platforms only allow you to A/B split test and then send the 'winning' message to everyone even if some people engage more with the 'losing' message.




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