Moz SEO Reports Demonstrate Impact Of Work To Clients

Moz has released nine reporting templates that support popular workflows within the Moz Pro app to help simplify processes and increase ways for SEO professionals to disclose growth.

“SEOs often cite reporting as one of their biggest challenges and pain points,” wrote Brittani Dinsmore, director of product marketing at Moz, in an email to Search Insider. “It can take significant time and effort to ensure the most meaningful information is gathered and displayed in easy ways to understand.” 

Competitive Analysis Overview, Full Competitive Analysis, Campaign Overview, Link Analysis, Rankings Analysis, Ranking Opportunities, Full Site Audit, Quick Site Audit, and Search Visibility are the templates.

The templates, which are available in Moz Pro’s Custom Reports, are geared toward SEO professionals with all skill levels, so they can easily understand and immediately gain value from the numbers.

Other SEO reports typically report what happened in the past, but the reports from Moz have a predictive feature that also focuses on future opportunities.



The idea for the reports came after Moz product and user experience teams talked with customers and SEO professionals to identify the types of internal reports they need to best showcase the impact of their SEO work to clients. 

When asked to cite challenges or learning curves related to using the templates, Dinsmore explains that “the objective behind building Moz report templates was to remove challenges from the reporting process since it has historically been such a pain point for SEOs.”

SEO professionals can customize each report, but they do include pre-populated drag-and-drop modules from the customers’ SEO Campaign and editable annotations to help explain to clients and stakeholders what the report is showing. 

“Of course there is always a new lesson to be learned in SEO,” she said.

Moz also offers a guide to SEO reporting for those who need to learn more or who want a refresher.

The guide helps SEO professionals learn how to create reports that better educate clients, build trust, and accurately portray outcomes from the work. The report should highlight strategies to streamline processes.

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