Taboola Newsroom Uses AI, Data To Build Content, Drive Publisher Subscriptions

Taboola now offers a service through its free Newsroom platform to help drive subscriptions for publishers using artificial intelligence and data. It's an alternative to reliance on search engines like Google and Bing that have long touted their ability to drive readers from search to publisher sites. The service launched Thursday.

From their website, this new feature allows publishers to identify the articles that drive conversions, reduce churn by understanding how subscribers engage with content, and determine readers' propensity to subscribe via machine learning-based modeling. 

Rob Barrett, president at Hearst Newspapers Digital Media, believes the platform supports an increasing focus on AI and machine learning by delivering actionable data such as alerts that identify stories with high potential relevance to loyal readers.

Some 52% of publishers admit subscriptions are a key priority for driving revenue, according to industry data.

The tool relies on code on the publisher’s webpage and artificial intelligence. It analyzes articles already driving conversions to make recommendations for additional topics that publishers should consider promoting on the home page, in social channels, in email newsletters, or optimize for search.

Despite working with hundreds of publishers like Hearst, Sport1, and Zee News, Adam Singolda, CEO and founder at Taboola, still calls the company a “startup.”

He says the size of the company really reflects a “state of mind, because the company’s culture is really more than a list of things. It depends on the behavior” and agility.

The Newsroom platform uses a last-click attribution model, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to understand which site visitors would read, given the opportunity.

Adoption rates among some of the largest publishers such as Zee News, Sport1, and Hearst grew 70% in January 2020, compared with a year ago.

Introduced in 2016 as part of Taboola’s platform for publishers, Taboola Newsroom provides insights sourced from Taboola’s dataset of 1.4 billion users each month. Publisher teams can easily A/B test headlines and images, measure article performance, and receive actionable alerts tailored to their specific role. 



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