Out-of-Home Media-Planning Data Reveals Americans Beginning To Travel More

America has already begun "opening up," according to some unique out-of-home media planning data released today by Geopath and Intermx.

The data, which tracks the average number of miles traveled daily per person, shows it crashing since early March and then suddenly bumping up in mid-April.

For the most recent period, the week of April 13, the average number of miles traveled daily by Americans rose 5.7% from the week of April 6.

That compares with a 47.3% decline between the recent high of 18.4 miles daily per capita for the week of Feb. 10 to 9.7 miles for the low during the week of April 6.

The data, which is weighted by county, found that 15 states increased their travel week-over-week, the most significant of which were Mississippi, Alabama and California, up 18%, 16.6% and also 16.6%, respectively.



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