How Kenshoo Remains As Nimble As A Startup

Kenshoo announced on Tuesday that the company has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN).

The adoption of these platforms gives Kenshoo the resources to be nimble and make rapid developments. The company said it can build tools for marketers seeking to test and optimize campaigns across media, even as walled gardens limit data sharing across publishers and channels.

Impact Navigator, for example, uses data stored on AWS to inform incrementality testing -- which runs marketing experiments and measures the incremental impact across all audience segments. 

Kenshoo -- which focuses on search, social, mobile and ecommerce -- built its enterprise solutions on AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Relational Database Service and Elastic Load Balancing. Data is updated daily.

Having access to the platforms allows developers to ramp up new services within an hour and deploy them using continuous delivery methods to a production environment within an additional 15 minutes.



AWS enables Kenshoo’s developers to meet business needs within days, putting them in production and adjusting the solution based on client feedback.

Kenshoo first started working with AWS seven years ago. Over time, a combination of increasing client demand and improving capabilities helped to increase adoption. 

Kenshoo, founded in 2006, has come into its own. It has been cozying up with analyst firms like Baird Capital, providing analysts with data needed to analyze and create models for earnings from companies like Alphabet and subsidiary Google.

In addition, there is a partnership with Walmart Media Group to expand advertisers' access to Sponsored Products campaigns, announced in January.

Microsoft Advertising in early April named the company Global Technology Partner of the Year at Elevate, Microsoft’s fifth annual global marketing summit -- the first such event for the company to be held online.

What makes the relationship work? As with its relationship with Amazon, Microsoft brings the technology and Kenshoo brings the big ideas.

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