Google Meet Video Ad Demonstrates Future Of Video Calls

Google Meet released its first ad campaign on YouTube demonstrating how the company re-engineered the service for secure video chat meeting, so everyone can use it for free.  

The message is that meetings aren’t just meetings anymore. Meetings are now holiday celebrations, birthday parties, meeting of the minds, band meetings, class meetings, family meetings, workout meetings and more.

Google is positioning Meet as the new app to communicate, attempting to displace video chat apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams that take time to set up and log into. With the click of a button, Google Meet is easy to initiate and add friends.

An invite screen pops up with a list of people and their email address in the list of possible participants, similar to the way someone using Google Calendar might invite others to join a meeting. And like Zoom, Google Meet offers a chat window to send text.

An email account is required because the invitation to join the meeting is sent through the person’s email.

The Google Meet video on YouTube provides example on a desktop or laptop showing the tiled view of up to 16 callers.

The app is coming to the sidebar of the Gmail app, as well as an app for Android and iOS.

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