6sense and Bombora Partner On B2B Buyer Data

6sense, an account engagement company, is partnering with intent data provider Bombora to help B2B brands target customers when they are researching products and services.

The objective is to provide a more complete view of B2B buyer behavior in the market for use in multichannel campaigns, the companies say.  

Joint clients can combine Bombora’s Company Surge intent data with the segmentation, analytics and engagement features provided by 6sense to “shine a light on their Dark Funnel and engage the best accounts for their sales and marketing teams,” states Viral Bajaria, CTO and co-founder of 6sense.

Bombora uses natural-language processing to understand context and engagement with content, the firms says.

One joint client is Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

“6sense and Bombora are integral components of our account-based sales and marketing tech stack,” states Gladys Alegre-Kimura, head of marketing operations for Aruba.



Alegre-Kimura adds, “With Bombora’s intent data now integrated with the rich account data and activation capabilities in 6sense, our sales and marketing team is even better positioned to identify customer demand and engage with the right buyers at the right time.” 

“Normally, only 15% of companies are in the market for any specific product at any given time,” states Erik Matlick, Founder and CEO of Bombora. 

Matlick continues that “during these turbulent times, as businesses are reprioritizing their investments, it is even more critical to identify and reach them while researching the initiatives, products, and services they are going to commit to.”

In March, 6sense announced an integration with Salesforce Pardot. The arrangement will help brands orchestra campaigns across a range of channels, including email, digital advertising and websites.


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