Interesting Keywords, Terms Emerging From COVID-19 Search Queries

Amid the typical COVID-19 searches on and MSN Health, marketers find a few unrelated surprises.

These are queries on “intermittent fasting.” Searchers are looking for answers to questions such as “does crying make your eyelashes longer.”

The most frequent searches are for questions related to timing and food. 

Recent data shows that questions like “when will COVID be over” and “food shortage” as among the top search visits on the site since the COVID-19 pandemic began. began evaluating and tracking searches on its site to determine the most frequent questions and how to provide the best content to answer them.

Then there are the DIY questions. How to make hand sanitizer was the most queried search in the last five weeks. Searches related to “ibuprofen and COVID-19” and basic “NSAID medications + COVID” were also among the top findings.



Alternative therapy searches rose 25% in general, while ozone therapy searches jumped 500%. DIY hand sanitizer and Aloe Vera searches leaped 425%. Searches for soaps rose 50% and searches for at-home beauty treatments such as scrubs, masks, and waxing in aggregate rose 131%.

Data from Microsoft’s network related to telemedicine also shows a few surprises. Some 51.9% of those living in a household comprised of three people or more visit the site. Nearly half have a household income of $100,000 or more. About 43.8% of visitors are between the ages of 45 and 64, and 50.6% of visitors are women.

Some 49% of MSN survey respondents have either used telemedicine services or plan to do so. Only 18% hadn’t heard of it, according to CivicScience. Data between Feb. 3 and April 22, 2020.

The cost-per-click across the Microsoft Audience Network continues to improve related to health and wellness services. CPCs for Health Services is down 9% month-over-month (MoM), indicating an opportunity for efficient traffic volume. Click-through rates for Health Services rose 3% week-over-week due to marketplace improvements and increased user engagement

Users exposed to Microsoft Audience ads search more on Bing for related queries. Microsoft for controlled users saw more than a 32.8% lift in impressions for "customer" queries after seeing the ad, and more than 36.8% lift in clicks for ‘customer’ queries after exposure.

For users exposed to Microsoft Audience Ads, Microsoft saw more than a 17.4% lift in impressions for "customer" queries after exposure, and more than 11.6% lift in clicks for "customer" queries after exposure.

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