New Screens, New Data: Is Everything New ... And Improved?

The COVID-19 crisis hit some brands harder than others. While many went dark during the early part of the pandemic, others thrived. MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit, set for June 30 - July 1 on Zoom, will examine strategies that worked, those that did not and what was learned as we move forward during an uncertain time.

On Day 1, Jessica Klodnicki, CMO at headphone maker Skullcandy, will discuss its long-planned "Mood Boost" campaign and product releases that were well-tuned to the lockdowns. The brand already had in place a "content-to-commerce" model that connected the dots between brand building and performance. That live stream program introduced Gens Y and Z to Skullcandy after which it was able to target them with product communication and move them through the funnel to its website. 

A panel discussion, "Navigating the New Cross-Screen Landscape," will follow with John Speranza, SVP of marketing at Freshpet, and two agency executives. As COVID enabled consumers to spend more hours in front of the screen, connected TV has become more prevalent. Speranza will share how Freshpet, once predominantly linear, is now optimizing their media plan with OTT and CTV. The panel will also address how these innovative marketing strategists shifted their cross-network campaigns during this time of crises and beyond.

On Day 2, we look at the Big Picture and learn why, during a crisis, it's less about performance and more about brands' ability to demonstrate concern and empathy for their customers.

The largest job search engine came at the COVID-19 pandemic from several unique perspectives. Foremost, it was a barometer placed at the center of the record unemployment storm. is one of the most visible advertisers, especially in video across screens. 

Keynoter Paul J. D'Arcy, CMO at the world's largest employment platform, will share how he was able to pivot from a brand memory strategy to informational messaging, even as creative production shut down and media planning had to be reshuffled.

Next up, our panelists look at why OTT, which has been one of the fastest-growing segments in ad-supported media, stands out in times of flux. There are more available impressions in the marketplace and as a result an influx of inventory. Will all of these additional eyeballs mean an improved CPM for your media buy? 

Finally, we'll hear from Lexus as it broadens its image and audience, with a presentation including the automaker's agency, Walton Isaacson. The importance of cultural connection points in advertising still holds true to build upon the equity in any established consumer relationship. Lexus 0to60 was created to illustrate how performance” could create greater affinity within the Black consumer mindset for the Lexus brand. 

Throughout the summit, there will be games of trivia along with an insider’s look at how some of the industry leading executives are navigating the crisis. To register for these insightful days, go here!

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