Mailchimp Adds And Upgrades Ecommerce Tools For SMBs

Mailchimp has debuted several new tools to help small businesses grow their audiences and ecommerce sales as part of its fall release.

One new feature is an integration with Stripe, allowing Mailchimp users to add a Buy Button to their website to process payment for a product or service. It facilitates payment in 41 countries, in over 135 currencies. 

Another new feature is Creative Assistant, a solution that analyzes and imports all images from a company’s web site and creates a selection of designs, resized for all channels, says Allison Sitzman, senior director of product marketing, in an online video. It is currently in beta, and will be released on November 7.  

Also being offered is Smart Recommendations. Powered by machine learning, this suite includes such tools as: 

  • Next Best Actions — Users can benchmark their email campaign performance “against other businesses that share similar audience size, industry and demographics using performance data from our platform,” says David Dewey, vice president of data products for Mailchimp, in the video. Based on that comparison, Mailchimp suggests personalized techniques to improve effectiveness.  
  • Subject Line Helper — This capability uses machine learning to help marketers write subject lines, offering input on character count, punctuation, and emoji use.
  • Personalized Product Recommendations — This solution generates “suggested purchases based on the customer’s prior purchases or browsing history in a dynamic content block in your email campaign,” says Dewey. 
  • Purchase Likelihood — A predictive analytics tool that uses past purchase data to forecast the likelihood of buyers becoming loyal and valuable customers in the future. 



In addition, Mailchimp is offering Customer Journey Builder, a marketing automation tool designed to provide interactions with customers at each step "going from prospect to purchase, from browse to buy,” Dewey says. 

Also being rolled out is G-Suite Add-On, allowing customers to purchase a G-Suite Add-On with their custom domain. And with Unsplash Integration, brands can import stock photos from Unsplash into Mailchimp’s Content Studio, the company says. 




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