Google Third-Party Verification Launches With Integral Ad Science, HP As Beta Customer

Google on Thursday introduces an automated third-party verification system in Campaign Manager and custom pre-bid filtering in Display & Video 360. 

A new metric in the reporting feature called Vendor Blocked Ads allows marketers to see which ads were blocked without logging in to a separate system, and gives them a central view alongside all of their media and creative performance data.

The feature launches with Integral Ad Science (IAS) as Google’s first partner. Others will come on board as partners soon.

Customers of Google Campaign Manager, such as HP, can directly integrate with IAS using its automated tag to add brand-verification measurement.

HP, a beta partner participating in the IAS Automated Tag program with Google, has been able to launch campaigns faster with the third-party protection, wrote Chris Liberti, global ad operations at HP.

The automated third-party verification tool is intended to help marketers evaluate whether all of the creative elements — tone, copy, visuals, placements — for their various campaigns are appropriate.



It also aims to tell marketers whether their ads are viewable and whether they are running in places suitable for their brand.

“You can still use Campaign Manager’s built-in Verification suite, but can now add third-party verification to your campaigns faster,” Sunil Gupta, product manager at Google Marketing Platform, wrote in a post. “The previous process required multiple teams working in spreadsheets to add third-party verification to each placement on your media plan.”

The previous system required many more resources and often resulted in reporting discrepancies, he wrote. The automated process is subject to less errors because it uses system-to-system API calls between Google and the third-party vendor.

He gave this example: Placements that are sent through automated third-party verification in Campaign Manager will automatically sync to Display & Video 360, reducing time required to get campaigns live. Enabling third-party verification or adjusting the partner settings will not require the re-trafficking of tags.

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