GoDaddy Strengthens Ecommerce, Integrates With Instagram And Facebook

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing Ecommerce now allows users to sell products and set up shops on Instagram and Facebook, as well as create shoppable posts, sync products and integrate with Instagram Checkout. 

The next step will enable users to do checkout on Instagram and Facebook, says GoDaddy Vice President of Products Greg Goldfarb.

This is all part of a strategy GoDaddy calls "sell everything everywhere."

In late September, the company also began allowing users to sell and fulfill orders on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart, and from one dashboard.

The ability for small and-medium-sized businesses to set up a website and build out an ecommerce integration with Facebook and Instagram is huge, according to many small companies.

"Driving consumer engagement has never been more important, because we've observed two major critical trends," says Goldfarb. "Sell everywhere that matters ... such as on Amazon and eBay, but it's also important to have great content."



Through the integration, products added to a user's online store will sync to their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Updates to product information such as description, photos, price, and quantity also are synced automatically.

With this integration, customers can create Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Last month, more than 120 million people purchased directly from Instagram, making it essential for small businesses to list their items on the site. 

When the integration occurs through Websites + Marketing Ecommerce, all orders funnel into one location, eliminating the need to log into each marketplace to see if items sold daily and determine what needs to be restocked. 

Goldfarb said GoDaddy is a Facebook marketing partner for commerce partner, so it managed to integrate through the company’s new ecommerce extension and APIs to enable the product catalog and the product details.

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