AMC, Via Canoe, Launching National Addressable Campaign Across Multiple Distributors

AMC Networks, through ad-tech company Canoe and as part of the On Addressability Initiative, is launching a multi-distributor, linear addressable TV campaign.

AMC will run multiple ads as a single order across Comcast and Charter, which together account for a significant portion of the On Addressability partners’ total of 30 million-plus addressable linear and VOD TV homes.

The four-week campaign, for an unidentified telecom company, has two 30-second ads — one the base creative and the other a variant, according to a spokesperson for AMC Networks.

“We are excited to help make our network partners’ avails more valuable through On Addressability by allowing them to send more relevant creative, at scale, to households that are most likely to act on it, and therefore make TV more competitive with digital alternatives,” commented David Kline, executive vice president, Charter Communications and president of Spectrum Reach.



The On Addressability trade group — formed by Comcast Advertising, Cox Media and Charter’s Spectrum Reach and also including AMC Networks and Discovery Communications — aims to accelerate addressable advertising in all forms of television by developing best practices, enabling technical solutions and working on measurement and other challenges.

Canoe handles the delivery, service management and reporting of addressable campaigns for On Addressability distribution partners.

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