Need A Lift? The ARF Has A Guide For You

The ad industry routinely uses terms like “lift” and “ROI” (return on investment) to benchmark and measure the results of advertising, marketing and media buys, but those terms can be subjective and vary greatly among ad execs, and especially from the deluge of suppliers offering to track and report them.

This morning, the Advertising Research Foundation is releasing a new guide that at least tries to organize the last issue: the ROI supply chain.

The ARF’s new “Guide To Lift And ROI Measurement Products,” was created by the foundation’s Cross-Platform Measurement Council, and delineates about 30 ROI and lift measurement products or services offered by 27 different firms identified by an ARF working group as being relevant (see below).

While the new document is intended to serve as an organizing principle, the ARF qualifies it as being relatively unvetted, noting: “The information contained in this guide therefore comes unfiltered from the companies themselves.”



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