Policygenius Uses Email To Help Insurance Buyers 'Connect The Dots'

Policygenius, an online insurance marketplace that matches insurance providers with customers, has improved its email conversion rate by over 10% and saved 2,400 hours in just a few months by automating emails for its home and auto business.

Email is a key component in "connecting the dots" throughout the customer lifecycle, said Sara Yamamoto, CRM manager for Policygenius, speaking at the Email Insider Summit on Monday. 

For instance, Policygenius requests an email address when customers come in looking for a quote on home and auto insurance. It sends a confirmation email, featuring one of its licensed agents.

The customer can then respond, and will receive an estimated quote.  

That personal connection is important, and is sometimes emphasized in plain text emails.  

The firm, which has helped 30 million people shop for life insurance, is using less fluff and clearer calls to action, with “more emphasis on how our agent can help and how our customers can get in touch with them,” Yamamoto said. 

Yamamoto urges brands to “keep your email similar to your product experience” -- and to "get straight to the point."

She added that "sometimes less is more" and that "personalization equals great success."

"Choose a person to be your brand rep," she continued. And "Test, test, test!"





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