Google Shopping Paves The Way For Non-Retail Brands

Google Shopping has been a platform for retailers to bring products online in an ecommerce-type store, but during the Search & Performance Insider Summit on Thursday, Nico Bryant-Aguilar, head of group marketing at Nurx, told virtual attendees how the telemedicine company uses the platform for its business.

"We have been looking at how our service manifests physical products and how to piece that apart from a site experience to leverage it in Google Shopping," Bryant-Aguilar said. "That’s an exciting new channel for us that should be coming online very soon.”

From an industry standpoint, he said, it paves the way for nontraditional ecommerce brands and industry should think about how it could be a tactic to leverage. It’s a little unconventional.

Nurx, founded by Hans Gangeskar and Dr. Edvard Engesæth, is a way for consumers to access “precautionary meds” without having to visit a doctor’s office. So it should come as a surprise the company’s looking into innovative ways to use and buy online media.

Bryant-Aguilar said the market is B2C, most customers are millennials women looking for birth control. The company has been experimenting with media, trying to understand what consumers would use which product lines based on being contacted by certain media, lookalikes, and broad targeting tactics.

“We’re trying to go outside the younger female demographics that we get for birth control, and testing concepts for older birth control users,” he said.

Bryant-Aguilar said the team also has been spending more time trying to understand the length of time it takes to convert based on specific content. They also have been testing Snapchat and TikTok.

Overall, the two show promise, but they need to grow as platforms.

Today, he said, TikTok is only able to optimize to in-session click activity, so it creates limitations on how far marketers can go with bidding and conversion optimization. As the channels start to evolve it will pave the way for more spend and experimentation, he said.

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