Snapchat Takes On StitcherAds As Certified Partner

After six months of testing, StitcherAds became a Snapchat Certified Partner to support shopping on the platform, adding to the list it already supports — Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

“I probably shouldn’t say this, but Snapchat has the most collaborative and seamless API integration we’ve done with any publisher,” said Conor Ryan, co-founder and CIO at StitcherAds, which can take data from daily store transactions and combine it with online to measure the impact. “It happened quickly. We had it up and running in less than a month.”

Ryan attributes the ease of integration with Snapchat to experience.

“They’re not the pilgrims carving their way through the landscape,” he said. “They managed to build a very robust API.”

With the partnership, brands benefit from StitcherAds's omnichannel business model and its ability to find users on multiple channels without tracking them with cookies. The platform relies on opt-in hashed data to make the connection between email addresses or phone numbers, and other types of identifiers. 

Proving StitcherAds’s worth to become a partner wasn’t easy, Ryan said. Snapchat gave StitcherAds a challenge, to help a sporting goods client that lacked a way to determine offline attribution across multiple channels.

StitcherAds met the challenge and became the only partner approved for Snapchat's custom overlay templates and offline conversions API, which aim to automatically generate creatives with preferred image tags to power custom Dynamic Product Ads for Snapchat advertisers. The program recognizes companies that help advertisers connect with the Snapchat community in creative ways.

The client achieved 127 times better online return on ad spend -- about 7.6 times better than on other social channels -- in addition to 159 times better omnichannel ROAS,  9.5 times better than other social channels. 

Earlier this month, StitcherAds announced several new appointments. Boaz Cohen took on the role of the company's senior vice president of business development, bringing a focus on the impact of creative and media on advertising performance in programmatic, social and TV.

At the same time, Paige DeLeon was appointed vice president of people and Dave Donnelly was appointed vice president of sales. The company also announced the appointment of Daniel King as strategic advisor.

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