CTV Will Rise To $8.11B In 2020, Soar To $11.36B In 2021: eMarketer

Total connected TV advertising will soar 27% to $8.11 billion in 2020, according to eMarketer -- up from $6.38 billion a year ago.

YouTube will be the biggest individual platform -- at a gross total of $2.9 billion.

But after content providers -- traditional TV networks and digital publishers -- take their cut of advertising revenue, the platform will net $1.5 billion. This is up 32% from $1.14 billion a year ago.

Hulu will get to $1.96 billion this year, rising 25% from $1.57 billion a year ago.

Roku will see $740 million, up 40% from $530 million.

Collectively, after these big three platforms (YouTube, Hulu, and Roku), all other marketers will total $3.91 billion this year, up from $3.14 billion a year ago.

Future projections show the market sharply rising to $11.36 billion in 2021 and $14.11 billion in 2022.

These results are focused on digital advertising that appears on CTV devices on home screen and in-stream video ads, eMarketer says. It excludes all traditional linear TV and addressable advertising.



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