RingCentral Acquires Event Intelligence Firm DeepAffects

Meetings and cloud communications firm RingCentral has acquired DeepAffects, a conversational intelligence provider, RingCentral announced on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed. 

The acquisition closed in Q4 2020 and is not expected to have a material impact on the firm’s 2020 financials. 

DeepAffects analyzes business conversations to extract meaningful insights, using a set of AI models that provide “high accuracy for diarization, emotion and speech recognition,” states Prashant Kukde, founder and CEO of DeepAffects. 

In addition, DeepAffects offers multi-modal emotion recognition, multi-speaker recognition and voiceprints and speech recognition with accent detection.

The resulting intelligence could presumably help fuel email campaigns following events and meetings. 

RingCentral offers a cloud service called Message Video Phone.

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