FreeWheel, Tegna Extend Automated Transactions Partnership

Comcast’s FreeWheel and TV station group Tegna have signed a multi-year deal that extends and expands their advertising transactions partnership.

Tegna uses FreeWheel’s Strata platform to connect with agencies through ePort, an automated platform that enables purchasing ads from local television stations. Sellers on ePort can receive electronic ad orders and revisions, as well as send makegoods, through the buying platform.

Tegna’s CTV/OTT regional and local advertising platform Premion will continue to use Strata to provide some 1,110 agencies access to video inventory from its 125-plus publishers. FreeWheel’s technology helps Premion facilitate automation and inventory access.

The companies say they will also continue joint innovation initiatives, with focus on working on new marketplace-based technology to enhance programmatic transactions and inventory acquisition.

"We look forward to strengthening this relationship to provide brands and marketers with more convenience, control and broader access to Premion’s premium OTT inventory via the FreeWheel agency platform,” stated Premion President Tom Cox.

Tegna recently reported that Premion is expected to finish 2020 with more than $145 million in revenue, up 40% versus 2019.
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