Study: Brands Move Toward Adopting CDPs, With Email Top-5 App Function

Email ranks fifth among app categories on the Twilio Segment CDP platform, according to the company’s new Customer Data Platform report.  

But customer success, email marketing and heatmap/recording tools all saw from 18% to 25% increased adoption, according to the study.

This indicates that “that many companies are continuing to lean into digital engagement and transformation efforts, despite the uncertain economic circumstances,” the study states. 

The study also shows that 29% have deployed a CDP -- 1.5 times the percentage of the prior year. And 47% plan to increase their CDP budget by over 25% in the next five years. 

Large enterprise and enterprise firms in general expect those increases to be 25% or more.  

The top email marketing tools are, Mailchimp, Iterable and Braze -- all growing from 2019  to 2020. 

However, and Malichimp have continued to “battle it out for the two top spots” in the category.

The study adds that “Braze and Iterable, by virtue of being broad customer engagement platforms as opposed to pure-play email marketing tools, saw less adoption in this particular category, but both saw increased adoption in 2020."

The most popular app categories on the Segment platform are:

  • Analytics
  • Advertising
  • Warehouses
  • Heatmaps & recordings
  • Email Marketing

The least-used apps in this ranking are A/B testing and attribution.  

The average umber of apps being utilized  has gone from eight in 2019 to 11 in 2020. 

In general, 73% of firms say a CDP will be critical to their customer experience efforts.  

Twilio Segment surveyed 4,684 customer data decision makers. 

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