PureB2B Combines Three Types Of Intent Data In Tool For Tech Marketers

Lead-generation firm PureB2B has launched a product that it says can help B2B technology firms utilize intent data to generate demand. 

The new tool, PurePredict, combines three sets of intent data and subjects it to the firm’s predictive analytics technology.

The goal is to reimagine intent data and the analytics behind it, states Christopher Rack, President of PureB2B.  

According to PureB2B, PurePredict combines: 

  • First-party intent data, delivering contact-level content consumption and behavioral trends. 
  • Trigger-based intent — insights from online interactions across social media, SaaS review platforms and technology forums.
  • Content engagement, identifying user and account-based concentrations across 600,000 websites and over 7,000 topic.  



Other forms of intent data will be added in the coming months, the company says.

Rack adds that B2B marketers are being “challenged with owning more of the funnel -- not only on MQL’s but pipeline and revenue as well -- and it is harder than ever before to identify who the correct buyer is and the best time to engage them.”

Intent data was once seen as the answer to these problems, but it’s become fragmented and costly, often limiting marketers to single types of intent, which leaves significant gaps in either validity or scale,” Rack says.


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