Video Streamers Record 47% Higher Paid Ads In Last 3 Months

Premium video streamers' national TV efforts have risen dramatically over the last three months -- 47% higher in estimated paid spending and media value from TV on-air promos. In part, this is due to new entrants, but also to tout potential trophies as award season ramps up.

Nearly $910 million in total estimated paid advertising and media value from promos on TV networks was placed from December through February, according to

That's $369.2 million in paid-advertising and $540.8 million in media value from TV promos. The latter is an estimated media value from messaging on TV networks-based companies that also own premium video services.

This is up from the previous three-month period -- $617 million from September through November -- with $406.5 million in paid advertising spending and $210.5 million in estimated TV promo media value.



The biggest paid spenders over the current period were Disney+ at $72.8 million; Amazon Prime Video, $58.6 million; Apple TV+, $56.5 million; Netflix, $37.9 million; Hulu, $19.6 million; and Discovery, $15.6 million.

When adding in TV on-air promotions, the largest number of impressions has been for the new discovery+ service, which launched January 4. It witnessed a dominant 37.3 billion, with much of it coming from ad messaging run on Discovery-owned TV networks.

Disney+ came in at a distant second place with 6.1 billion followed by Hulu, 2.97 billion; NBC’s Peacock, 2.4 billion; Paramount+, 2.3 billion; Amazon Prime Video, 2.2 billion; and AMC+, 1.5 billion.

Netflix and Disney reaped major awards at the start of awards season, which began this past weekend at the Golden Globes. In all, the two studios grabbed 15 awards in total.

Netflix dominated television with TV series “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit.”

Disney grabbed the top award for best dramatic motion picture for “Nomadland.” The film launched simultaneously in theaters and on Disney’s Hulu.

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