Marketers Are Hampered By Data Immaturity: Study

Most businesses lack the processes and skills to effectively use consumer data in campaigns and only 13% are fully mature, according to a study by MMA Global, an association serving CMOs, and Ernst and Young.  

For one thing, only 44% are at the mature level in ROI, measurement and attribution. 

For another, over 50% are skeptical about making marketing decisions based on their current state of data.

Moreover, fewer than 30% have reached maturity in their data capabilities and skills. Yet almost 70% believe their organizations provide sufficient training. 

Even those that qualify as leaders in martech still do not outpace the general population at data-analysis skills, the study finds.

Companies have made significant progress in compliance, but still struggle to break down internal silos, it says.

All this could hamper email marketing campaigns and efforts in other channels. 

“For more than a decade, organizations have been in a race to acquire consumer data that would empower efficient marketing and give them an edge over competitors,” states Greg Stuart, CEO and President of MMA Global.

But most marketers “didn’t have the skillset or knowledge to capitalize on that data once it was available,” Stuart adds. “With rapid changes across the entire marketing landscape, simply having data will no longer be enough.” 

The full study results are being presented at the MMA Impact Virtual event this week by Vas Bakopoulos, senior vice president of insights and research at MMA and Janet Balis, customer and growth market leader and CMO practice leader at EY America. 




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